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Helping you keep your iPhone in working order with reliable inexpensive service is our mission. We at North Sacramento's Payless iPhone Repair are experienced technicians that are skilled in all aspects of iPhone and iPad repair all at reasonable prices. We are dedicated to serving you with fast service that will get you back to your routine as quickly as possible.


Apple’s iPhone

The original iPhone came out in 2007. The "iPhone" was Apple’s first smartphone. In 2005 Jobs (Apple CEO) created the multi-touch touchscreen concept that would interface with your computer and that you could type into, doing away with the need for the keyboard and mouse. (the iPad) Later Jobs did the same with mobile phone technology. This would become the iPhone. It was a long way from Apples beginnings. In 1977, two guys in a garage created the first Apple computer. Apple has been around for over forty years and has charged high prices for their products. They get away with this because they offer superior electronics. This is true of iPhones and iPads as well. The company created the first iPhone is 2007. It was a huge success and was in keeping with Apple quality. This is why our staff is highly trained to repair their high quality products. Because Apple creates quality products they are worth paying money to have them repaired. Their value also does not depreciate as much as other brands. Apple takes pride in their workmanship and that being said we repair iPhones and iPads for that reason. Should you take your phone to an Apple store to do the repairs? If your iPhone is out of warranty and you take it to Apple or send it in to get it repaired, you could pay a very high price to get your phone fixed. Apple charges more for repairs than a repair shop does. The iPhone X screen repair costs a whopping $279 and other damage is $549. The iPhone 6s Plus is $149 and other damages is $329. That is over 60-75% more than most cell phone repair shops charge. At Sacramento's Payless iPhone Repair in Natomas we are passionate about charging you less for quality workmanship.

iPhone Repair

Imagine you are out and about enjoying your day and boom…you drop your phone or it falls out of your pocket or purse into the swimming pool or puddle! There goes your nice day! We at Payless iPhone Repair know that these inconveniences can be happen and be frustrating and are ready to help you get back to your day fast with little interruption. We are dedicated to fixing the phones of North Sacramento residents. Whether you have a fractured screen, an old or non-working battery, shattered glass, useless earphone jack, non-working charging port, antenna and broken vibrator module and switch we are ready to fix it. We fix the iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6s, 6s plus, 6 plus, SE, 7, 7 plus, 8, 8 plus, X and iPads. Whatever iPhone or iPad device you have we repair it. Our shop of technicians uses only superior parts and put that with excellent service and speed and you have a highly efficient cell phone repair shop. We also offer competitive pricing. We also keep many common parts on hand so we can offer a quick turnaround time. Most of the time we can repair your phone in an hour.

How long does it take to fix a phone?

Broken screens, batteries, or home buttons take approximately one hour to fix. A charging port replacement can an hour and a half, and diagnosis of more complex issues can take a bit longer.

Having iphone problems?

We strive to repair your phone fast. Nothing is worse than your phone not functioning on a busy day. If you are like us at Payless iPhone repair and most people today you are dependent on your phone. Whether you use it for personal, business, surfing the web, social media or texting your friends it has an integral part of your day and life. It is more than just a phone. It is a calendar, calculator, note pad, camera, computer, search engine for the internet, personal assistant, games, banking, travel, shopping, buying movie theater tickets, and getting your news. It is now an extension of us.

Typical problems that can happen to your phone

Screen problems – Did you drop your phone? Is your screen cracked? If it is not cracked, is your screen unresponsive? Have you tried a hard start or turning your phone off and back on? This may work to fix the problem. If not, it might not be the screen. It might not be the screen that is the problem. It might be the mother board or software issue. Sacramento's Payless repair does all types of LCD screen repair.

Screen problems

A shattered or broken screen can cause multiple problems. You should have it repaired immediately. If you don’t repair it soon more damage can occur. For example: The cracked screen can produce shards that can scratch your face or hands. Also, it can introduce particles, moisture, and toxins into the phone that can cause damage. It is best to cover your screen with a plastic screen protector until you can get it fixed.

Battery problems

Is your phone not charging? Is it charging slowly? Does it only hold the charge for an hour or so? You may need to change the battery. Do not wait to change it because a bad battery can swell and cause more problems for the phone and quite possibly more parts will need to be replaced.

Microphone problems?

If your microphone is not working you can take a dry toothbrush and clean the area at the bottom of your phone. Then test it. If that does not work call us. Also, the problem with the microphone is if it needs to be replaced the component includes the charging port also.

Charging port problems?

Is your phone not charging? Do you have to hold it a certain way in order to charge it? Does the charging port feel loose? You may need to replace the charging port. You can call us and we will repair it fast. Techs are ready to help you whatever your need. Experienced techs are waiting to repair your phone fast. Many problems can be fixed the same day and within an hour of phone drop off.

Trouble shooting

Before bringing in your cell phone turn it on and off by doing a hard restart. On an iPhone, press the on button and home button at the same time. On a smart phone hold the on button down until the phone goes off. Then press the button again to restart. Test what the phone by using whatever it is that is the problem. If it still doesn’t work you may need to call a professional. That is where we come in. Give us a call today and we will get your phone in working order fast.


We have a guarantee for parts. In some cases even longer because of the difference in parts and use. The warranty is no longer valid if after we repair your phone you drop it, drop it in water, do it yourself repair of hardware or parts, your frame becomes bent, cracked or warped, or on jail broken phones. If you bring it in and it is water damaged the guarantee is void. If you have questions or concerns not covered on our website please give us a call.

Do It Yourself

Should you try to fix it yourself? But not everyone is skilled in fixing electronic devices. If they do have some experience it might not be in the area of cell phones. Even if you do have some experience with repairing a cell phone here and there you still may need some assistance. Anyone can watch a YouTube video for cell phone repair. However, what they don’t tell you is that they do not give you all the information you need to fix your phone. They will give you a lot details and even show you how to take it apart and put it back together. But they will leave out one or two key elements that are important and may result in you short circuiting your phone (frying it). The wrong information could also lead you to break the part you are trying to replace. Cell phones are very fragile and need to be handled delicately and with care. At Sacramento's Payless iPhone Repair will do just that. We will handle your phone like it is our own. Also, if you try to fix your phone before you bring it in, you may have damaged it more than you realize. We will do a diagnostic on your phone but be aware that there may be more parts that need to be replaced because of your tampering with the phone. You could also crack or fry your mother board which is part of the hardware of the phone. This could also cause loss of data or your information, contacts, notes, pictures, and applications. We will do all we can to try and recover your data but sometimes we are unable bring it back because of tampering. Another thing to take into account is that sometimes when you drop your phone you break parts or crack your mother board that you cannot see. This will not show up until you bring in your phone and we take it apart.

Our Location

We are located in Natomas in Sacramento, Ca. off Del Paso and Gateway Park Drive. We are very close to I-5 and I-80. Call us with your cell phone concerns and we will do our best to resolve them as soon as possible. Most repairs can be done in an hour. We are dedicated to fixing your phone quickly without delay. We are open 9 am to 9 pm. Please feel free to call us for a free estimate and information.


The most common problem with broken phones is a shattered or cracked screen. Our staff only uses the most superior parts and will install them quickly and efficiently. If there is a problem with the part within three weeks of the repair we will fix it free of charge provided there is no new damage to the phone. The most common replacement part is the screen. This is because the screens are made of glass and a lot of people do not use screen protectors or cases that protect the phone. Do you have an old iPhone lying around that is not working and you don’t know what is wrong with it? Call us and we can do a free diagnostic and get it working order for another family member or you can sell it on Amazon.com and make some extra cash. Either way, many people keep old cell phones that do not work on hand and do not realize that they are worth more than they think.

Water damage

If you have dropped your phone in the water, toilet, pool, dishwater, coffee or beer you can try putting it a bag of uncooked rice for 24 hours. This will help dry it out. However, three days later a problem with the mother board can arise from water damage also Wi-fi problems can occur, charger problems and camera problems can also happen. This happens because water damage is more than what you can see. You can try to get it all out by opening the case and using a blow dryer and drying off everything you can see. However, the problem is you cannot get to everything. Just like a car that is exposed to salty roads because of snow or living by the ocean it will inevitably rust. This might take several years but you cannot stop it. Unfortunately, the phone will show rust more quickly. In as little as three days a week or three months rust will show up and cause problems with the battery, microphone, charging ports not charging, or ear bud issues.

Things you can do to protect your phone

  1. Use a glass screen protector. You can purchase them in multiple amounts on Amazon.com. Depending on how you use your phone they usually last about six months.

  2. Use a case. Rubber cases are the best because they bounce when they are dropped and absorb the shock. This keeps the screen from getting crack or shattered and the case of the phone from getting scratched or broken. The Otter case is the best and it is rubber.

  3. Be careful how you plug in your phone to recharge. The charging port is fragile and can easily become warped or worn out by misuse.

  4. Using a case can also keep you from breaking your microphone.

  5. Using a case can prevent breaking your mother board. Many mother boards are cracked by not using a case. This can be prevented by using a case.

  6. Keep your phone away from water. Water damage is a very common complaint of cell phone users. It can cause damage to the microphone, battery and power button.

  7. Be careful while taking a bath, shower, using the toilet, in the pool, and around a cup of coffee or drink. Many people use the phone in the bathtub.

  8. Be careful how you plug in the ear buds. The port can also become damaged if abused.

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